Jessey Scheip


Gayle is a licensed veterinary technician working towards a specialty in behavior. She has been employed as a technician in various roles such as supervisor, practice manager and veterinary technician instructor however she has found her passion lies within behavior to create, enhance and restore the human animal bond.

She wants owners to truly enjoy their pets and for pets to get the overall care they deserve. With this is mind, she not only pursued training certifications but also became Low Stress Handling Certified Silver and a Fear Free Certified Professional. She strives to make veterinary visits and husbandry care a better experience for pets and their owners through reduction of pet fear and teaching cooperative care to pets.

Gayle currently works as a veterinary behavior technician for Veterinary Behavior Consultations, as well as owning her own pet training and behavior education business. She also shares and applies her behavior knowledge at veterinary hospitals and animal shelters within her community. She has been an active member of SVBT for a few years now and wishes to further the reach of SVBT so every veterinary hospital has their own behavior health care team.