Jenn Fiendish
CVT, VTS (Behavior)


In 1992 Jenn turned her love of animals into a career. Since then she has enjoyed many roles in veterinary medicine including general practice, emergency medicine, and even teaching. In July of 2014, after many years of preparation, she was awarded the title Veterinary Technician Specialist Behavior.

Jenn is passionate about animal training and behavior and enjoys sharing her knowledge with others in the veterinary community as well as the public. She recently enjoyed giving presentations at the AVMA Annual Convention in Indianapolis this past July (she will be returning for AVMA Denver in 2018) and is excited to be speaking at the Clinical Animal Behavior Conference in Las Vegas this December.

Jenn is honored to have been chosen for the position of Executive Director for the SVBT. As a long time member, it is her vision to help lead the organization in a way that not only stays true to our mission statement, but becomes a valuable resource for our members.

Jenn is the owner of Happy Power Behavior and Training (in Portland, OR). In her free time, Jenn enjoys riding horses for fun and for show, and is also an avid crocheter. Her ‘pack’ includes three hairless dogs, two geese, a snake, and one very patient husband.

Pets’ Names: Fergus & Stitch