Emily Korber has been a veterinary technician at Bigger Road Veterinary Center for 23 years. She has been one of the driving forces in changing the culture of Bigger Roads Veterinary Center to one run entirely based on Fear Free℠ principles. Changing a culture doesn’t happen overnight but she believes that small changes can make an immediate and impactful difference in way a patient and pet owner experiences a veterinary visit. Incorporating methods that reduce fear, anxiety and stress into a clinic paradigm are simple, easy and, mostly, little to no cost. Any clinic, any staff member can make a difference to their patients in a positive way by being more observant and making a few habit changes that can start right now.

Join us to see and hear the little things that can make a big difference in your patients’ lives.

Emily KorberSpeaker: Emily Korber, KPA-CTP, RVT Bigger Road Animal Hospital

Speaker Bio: Emily Korber, KPA-CTP, RVT is a veteran veterinary technician. She graduated from Columbus State Community College in 1988 and has spent the last 23 years working at Bigger Road Veterinary Center – featured in DVM 360 as a veterinary hospital run on Fear Free™ principals. Emily found her way into animal behavior the same way most of us did – one of her own animals had a behavior disorder that caused her to search for answers and better ways of doing things.

Emily believes veterinary technicians and the entire veterinary team needs to advocate for their patients’ emotional and mental health along with their physical health. She says, “More out of interest than need, I started focusing on our patients’ behaviors during office visits. I started doing things differently; being quieter, moving slower, giving the patient a chance to settle, observing their body language and began being mindful of mine. I am again finding myself amazed by the power of simple changes in the way I present things to an animal. I don’t believe that is necessary or warranted to have a patient incapacitated by force to perform a treatment. I would much rather change a pet’s behavior by changing the situation to lower its anxiety level. More often, by doing what it takes to make a pet comfortable, it is much easier to get any job done with minimal stress on everyone. As a result, I enjoy our patients more and the animals enjoy their time in the office more. I am lucky to have a clinic behind me that offers a great deal of support.”