About SVBT

Who Are We?

SVBT members are veterinary technicians and other animal professionals who are interested in animal behavior and the human animal bond. SVBT members are driven to continually learn and improve their abilities.

Our Mission

To enrich the human-animal bond by promoting scientifically based techniques of training, management, and behavior modification. SVBT provides a forum for interaction and continuing education while working with allied professional organizations to strengthen the veterinary health care team.

Oath and Code of Ethics

As veterinary technicians, we have taken the oath to do no harm. This includes harm to our patient’s mental and emotional health.

Constitution and Bylaws

Our constitution and bylaws are legal documents that govern how the society is structured and governed. We also use our constitution and bylaws to educate incoming officers in the running of the society.


Committees are the wheels that keep the society moving toward its goals. Committees are broken into sub-committees and projects are created and completed within the sub-committees. This allows for projects to be completed efficiently and effectively without overwhelming committee members.

Meet the Board