Oath and Code of Ethics

As veterinary technicians we have taken the oath to do no harm. This includes harm to our patient’s mental and emotional health.

The Veterinary Behavior Technician’s Oath

I solemnly dedicate myself to serve animals and society strengthening the human-animal bond by educating the public about normal animal behavior and problem prevention.

I will commit myself to upholding the Veterinary Behavior Technician’s Code of Ethics through example and education.

I accept my obligations to practice my profession conscientiously and with sensitivity to animal welfare. I shall remain competent in the application of scientifically based principles of animal behavior through a lifelong commitment to continuing education.

The Veterinary Behavior Technician’s Code of Ethics

Woman & CatThe Veterinary Behavior Technicians code of ethics is based on honor, dignity and a commitment to advanced knowledge in scientifically based animal behavior, which lies in a just and reasonable code of ethics.

Veterinary Behavior Technicians:

  • Shall aid society and animals by improving the relationship between pets and their owners, thus strengthening the human-animal bond.
  • Shall educate the public on normal animal behavior and humane and current training methods.
  • Shall conduct themselves in a professional demeanor that reflects the high ethical standards of veterinary technicians.
  • Shall assist in efforts to ensure that conditions and treatment of animals are ethical and just.
  • Shall remain competent in the area of animal behavior through a lifelong commitment to advanced learning.
  • Shall assume accountability for individual professional actions and judgments.
  • Shall work in a partnership with other veterinary behavior organizations to ensure patients receive the highest quality of care available. When training and/or behavior modification are part of the treatment plan, only those methods accepted as appropriate by the ACVB shall be applied.
  • Shall strive to uphold and improve standards in animal husbandry, legislation and education.
  • Shall commit to developing and implementing public awareness programs for behavior problem prevention.
  • Shall promote and assist clients in applying behavior modification as prescribed by a veterinarian.
  • Shall protect animal welfare, prevent animal abuse and relieve the suffering of animals.