Committees are the wheels that keep the society moving toward its goals. Committees are broken into sub-committees and projects are created and completed within the sub-committees. This allows for projects to be completed efficiently and effectively without overwhelming committee members.

SVBT currently utilizes 3 primary committees with various subcommittees working under those committees. Each committee is co-chaired by two board members appointed by the president. Each sub-committee is chaired either by a board member or a professional member appointed by the main committee chairs. Ad hoc committees may be created as needed.

Board members are responsible for reporting the actives of each of their committees and subcommittees at monthly board of directors meeting.

Membership Committee

Chair: Paisley Lunchick [Send Email]

The primary goals of the Membership Committee involve growing and retaining membership.


State Representatives

Chair: Paisley Lunchick [Send Email]

It is our goal to have at least one representative per state.

Duties include:

  • Relaying SVBT information to your state organizations and schools.
  • Supplying SVBT Public Relations material to state conferences and meetings.
  • Calling their state-licensing department to determine if SVBT webinars CE credits can be obtained in your state.

Public Relations

Chair: Claire Herbert [Send Email]

The Public Relations Committee is the “face” of SVBT to potential members and the public. This committee strives to get information out to the world about SVBT through signs, brochures, flyers, and other media.

Projects include:

  • Supplying state representatives with PR material.
  • Creating promotional behavior posters for veterinary clinics.
  • Developing SVBT brochures, business cards, rack cards, etc.
  • Developing presentation material for booths at conferences.
  • Developing presentations for public presentations.
  • Creating a DVD to be played in veterinary clinic waiting rooms.
  • And MORE!

Membership Benefits

Chair: Gayle DiMenna [Send Email]

The goal of the Membership Benefits Committee is to continually seek opportunities that can benefit our membership; whether that is discounts on products, product testing programs, discounts on CE events, etc.

Projects include:

  • Create membership drive strategies to promote SVBT.
  • Seek possible benefit opportunities for members (decrease journal fee, etc.)
  • Be the “voice and ears” for our members, staying in contact and seeking desired benefits for them.

Education Committee

Chair: Julie Shaw [Send Email]

The primary purpose of SVBT is to provide the highest quality education possible for our members. This includes organizing our Clinical Animal Behavior Conference, creating and supporting scholarships, obtaining CE credits and providing outstanding educational webinars.


Annual Conference

2016 SVBT Chair: Kait Hembree [Send Email]

The conference committee works in conjunction with AVBT and AVSAB to develop and present the annual Clinical Animal Behavior Conference.


Chair: Julie Shaw [Send Email]

SVBT understands that veterinary technicians often struggle with a desire for education but also struggle with limited finances for attendance. The scholarship committee inks with supportive organizations eager to provide scholarships which financially enable technician education. The committee then creates criteria for obtaining those scholarships.

CE Credits

Chair: Rachel Lees [Send Email]

The CE Credits committee works to ensure the SVBT Webinar Series meets requirements to obtain continuing education credits from various organizations including CCPDT and IAABC. The committee works with state representatives to determine if each state’s licensing organization approves SVBT webinars for credit.


Chair: Julie Shaw [Send Email]

The webinar committee determines webinar topics, arranges for speakers and collaborates with CyberDog Online to produce a monthly webinar of the highest quality.

Media Committee

Chair: Rachel Lees [Send Email]

The media committee focuses on any social media produced by the society.



Chair: Shannon Coyner [Send Email]

SVBT provides a quarterly newsletter that it keeps members and potential members up to date with SVBT news and important information. Please let us know if you have something to submit to the newsletter. Submission deadlines are April 1, July 1, October 1, December 1.

Social Media

Chair: Rachel Lees [Send Email]

Our social media committee focuses on using social media tools to allow members to create, share and exchange information through text, pictures and video.


Chair: Julie Shaw [Send Email]

We are currently looking for committee members to assist with website copy material updates and obtaining photographs, preferably from members, for the website. Please send information and photographs to the committee chair.